Candy/ Dessert Bar: 33rd All Star Sports Themed Party


It has been a while since I have posted any bars or inspirations. It has been a rather busy time in Candy land, and I’m super excited to bring you the latest Party theme that I was able to set up over the weekend for a very special person – My husband, Jay.

Jay turned 33 this past weekend and he is a massive sports fan (like most males) especially when it comes to Basketball, Grid-Iron, WWE and the AFL. So when I asked him what theme he would like for his birthday, it was only fitting that his response would be an “All Star Sports theme, because my favourite player is Alonzo Mourning and his number was 33″. And like the busy Candy Diva (and good wife) that I am, I set about creating a small display with an extra special treat.

Not only did I have a small dessert and candy bar, I also decided to try my hand at an Ice Cream Bar set up as well, and it was a huge hit! If you ever want to see grown men resort back to acting like children, throw an Ice Cream Bar into the mix.

The Dessert Bar featured:

Orange Fruit Choc Balls (Basketballs)
Kool Mints (Baseballs)
Vanilla Sugar Cookies
Coco Pop Rice Krispies
White Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Chocolate Cupcakes with a Vanilla Whipped Cream Filling, and Vanilla Frosting topped with Sports Candy Decorations.

I used a black and white striped theme for the cupcakes and bunting to represent a referee. The Candy was placed on top of a Home or Away sign that showed the score of “33″. The cupcakes were featured on a tiered stand to represent a stadium stand and the picture frame platters (my favourite type to use these days) featured pictures of different sporting fields.

The Ice Cream Bar featured:

Mini M&Ms
Mini Oreos
Mini Marshmallows
Chocolate Sauce
Caramel Sauce

Guests could select a Mason Jar filled with Vanilla Ice Cream and create their own Sundae to enjoy.










Ice Cream Bars are awesome for a great Summer Treat, and the overall theme and sweets worked really well. I was really happy with it, given the very short notice and limited budget.  Sadly, I did try to make cake pops but these did not work so well and ended up being eaten by the garbage! Oh well, back to the drawing board on those.

Styled by: The Candy Diva @ Lemon Drops Candy Company

Jars & Vases: Various homewares

Platters: Red Dot

Striped Bunting & Cupcakes: Red Dot

Ice Cream Buckets: Crazy Price

Ice Cream Jars: Big W

Catering: The Candy Diva 

Photography: The Candy Diva @ Lemon Drops Candy Company

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